Jy Super 8990 Rechargeable Industrial Security Purpose Metal Torch Flashlight For Camping Hiking Outdoor And Everday Day Purpose

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  • High Power Flashlight €“ Jy-8990 Led Torchlight Stands Out Primarily For Its Super Bright Led Bulbs. It€S Spectrum Is Close To Natural Light And That Helps In Easily Identifying The True Colour Of The Objects Even In Darkness. It Has A 2W Strong Light.
  • Long Reach And Run - With Has An Incredible Reach Which Allows You To See The Object, Person Or Road For A Very Long Distance. It Is Ideal Of Night Security And Patrol. It Works For Full Continuous 90 Minutes On A Single Charge.
  • Built Tough - Engineered With Aluminium Alloy, Which Make The Torchlight Solid And Durable. It Is Anti-Rust And Can Withstand Hard Fall.
  • Multifunctional €“ Jy-8990 Is A Very Multifunctional And Resourceful Torch. It Is Ideal For Camping, Hiking, Exploring, Outdoor And Also For Everyday Use. It Is Ideal For Security Guard On Night Shift Or Patrol.

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