ORICO 7 Channel Desk Cable Clips Cable Management Cord Organizer Wire Cord Holder for Power Cords and Charging Accessory Cables, Mouse Cable, PC, Office and Home

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  • Prevent cables from falling off : Can control unruly cords and avoid stepping on them or being tripped up. Also can recognize them quickly and won't mix them up.
  • Eco-friendly silicone material : This eco-friendly silicone material is neither too hard nor too soft, keeps great resilience, makes wires fixed firmly and removed without effort.
  • 3M double-sided adhesive, firmly adhere: it's easy to be adhered to flat surface and removed with no residue left behind..
  • Farewell to clutter : Can manage 7 cables or wires blow 5 mm simultaneously, the desktop get orderly right away.
  • Small change, big improvement : It is just the size of lighter, can guide the cords under orderly route and improve tidiness of desktop.

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